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Viewing a Property Checklist: His Perspective

Viewing a Property - His

Whilst viewing our 8th property this morning we noticed that we both look for very different things when we first view a property. There’s lots of great lists already out there: Rightmove, BBC, and Primelocation, to name a few. But we wanted to share our own, from a male and female more personal perspective. Today we’re sharing Simon’s list, and in a few days I’ll share mine. Hopefully it’ll help somebody out there who isn’t sure what they should and shouldn’t be looking at! Continue reading “Viewing a Property Checklist: His Perspective” »

Sneak Peak: Our Christmas

One of my favourite things about being an avid blog reader is seeing how others style their home at Christmas. In the spirit of sharing here are a few snaps of our home all ready for the festive season. Have a great Christmas everyone!

Our traditionally decorated tree in red, gold and green:



The table all ready for festive feasting:



The first time I’ve had a poinsettia, and kept it alive!



A few special additions to our tree this year following our trip to New York: