Every Home is a Castle

The joys (!) of house hunting

Despite telling ourselves that we would hold off until 2015 to begin the hunt for a home we truly loved we’ve been unable to resist and have been hunting since mid November.

To provide some history behind our previous house hunts – we purchased both pretty quickly after viewing only 3 or 4 properties. We bought with our heads and always with an end goal of “How can we improve and add value”? We only viewed 1 house that gave us that “feeling” that you hear so much about (Location, Location, Location I’m blaming you) and that was unfortunately removed from the market. This search seems to be the opposite.

So far we have viewed 6 or 7 houses, which is pretty good going considering how slow the market is at the moment. But we are doing it completely differently. This time we want a house to love – not just one to improve and move on with. Something with character that just feels right. Are you beginning to see why we are still looking?!

The majority of the houses we’ve seen so far blend into one, although one stands out for the wrong reason with a yappy dog called Prince! We have seen 1 house so far that fits the bill, on all but one thing. Price. Whilst we can afford the house it would be a stretch and with previous debts still fresh in our minds this isn’t something either of us is comfortable with.

So we’re waiting, biding our time and hoping something will change. And it’s AGONY! We are in a fortunate position to be able to buy at our age, but that’s very easy to forget when we desperately want to move forwards and find our next home.

In the meantime, any tips? How have you kept patient whilst hunting for your next home?

Radio Silence

So despite saying things would hopefully pick up around here it seems we were wrong! With the move from a house that we owned to a flat that we rent it’s definitely been difficult to stay motivated.

We’ve been here since September now and whilst our flat is lovely (pictures to come) it’s definitely been a change, especially in terms of space! We’ve has to fit a detached 3 bed house full of stuff into a 2 bed flat with little storage. A great opportunity to be quite ruthless with our belongings but a challenge none the less!

We are now house hunting again (woohoo!!) but it’s not the best time of year to be searching – again more on that to come.

So a question for you – if you live in rented accommodation how do you personalise your space and stay motivated?