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Geometric Coffee Table

Table Header

If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while then you’ll know this isn’t the first coffee table we’ve upcycled in the last 2 years (Check out the first one we did here)! Our old coffee table was very heavy though, and very blue… which worked well in our old home but didn’t really suit the style of our new house.

A while ago I saw some amazing tiles in a magazine, and was desperate to do something with them! When I realised we’d need a new table it was like a bolt of lightning and a new project was born.

This project wasn’t super cheap, but still saved us money compared to the price of purchasing a new table. We used the following:

    Second hand cane table (purchased from eBay)
    Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White (already had)
    Box of tiles (purchased 3/4 of a box from eBay, but you can purchase the full box here)
    Tile Cutter
    Glue Gun
    Tile Spacers

This is what the table looked like right at the beginning:

Cane Coffee Table

To begin with we sanded the table very lightly as there were a small amount of rough edges – we wouldn’t normally do this. We then gave the table a wipe down and coated the table with 2 coats of Annie Sloan, before going over some of the more visible bits for a third time.

Coffee table Chalk Paint
Once all of the paint was dry I arranged the tiles into a pattern that worked, as there were 5 different styles in the box and I preferred some over others.

Tiled coffee table
Using a glue gun and tile spacers we then adhered the first 4 rows before cutting the final row with a tile cutter (much to Simons delight as his water tile cutter wasn’t at home) and then glued those on to. We left the tiles over night, although they were fixed pretty much straight away, and then grouted around the outside edge so that we had a nice neat finish.

We are absolutely thrilled with how the table turned out! What do you think? Aren’t the tiles amazing?

Finished Close Up
Table close up
Coffee table finished

Viewing a Property Checklist: His Perspective

Viewing a Property - His

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