Ikea Classics

Now I shan’t claim to be the only person who’s heard of Ikea. Far from it, I can only imagine how many homes over the world items from the famous flat pack store! However, we’ve brought many different Ikea items over the years – some we’ve loved, some that were very short lived and others that we’ve put our own stamp on. Today we wanted to share our top 10 Ikea classics.


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Grey Hallway Inspiration

Image from Brabourne Farm.

Happy Friday everyone! Our exciting weekend is going to consist of painting the woodwork in our newly painted grey hallway. Is anybody surprised we went with grey?! We’ve gone for a light grey on the walls, as the hallway is quite narrow and dark, but we’re going to paint some of the woodwork a dark grey. All will be revealed in time, but until then check out some of the grey hallway inspiration that helping us stay motivated.

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Recipe - Chocolate Chip Cookies

This year we’ve got into the Great British Bake off (GBBO for the die hard fans out there) in a BIG way. Admittedly neither myself or Simon are great bakers, so it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing us on there soon. However we do have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies that we’re sharing today.

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