Every Home is a Castle

Radio Silence

So despite saying things would hopefully pick up around here it seems we were wrong! With the move from a house that we owned to a flat that we rent it’s definitely been difficult to stay motivated.

We’ve been here since September now and whilst our flat is lovely (pictures to come) it’s definitely been a change, especially in terms of space! We’ve has to fit a detached 3 bed house full of stuff into a 2 bed flat with little storage. A great opportunity to be quite ruthless with our belongings but a challenge none the less!

We are now house hunting again (woohoo!!) but it’s not the best time of year to be searching – again more on that to come.

So a question for you – if you live in rented accommodation how do you personalise your space and stay motivated?

Watercolour Printables

Watercolour Printables

So somehow it’s been nearly a month since we’ve updated. Sorry about that! Things have been insane in our personal lives, what with deciding whether to relocate or not, whether to stay where we are or move locally… decisions, decisions, decisions! That might be something we share in another post, but in the meantime we have been working on another project to share.

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