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Inspiration Post: Feminine Office

As I type this I’m sitting in my office, which due to a lack of funds and months of DIY splurging, isn’t quite the haven I’d like it to be yet. Still, that’s reality for you! Until I win the lottery I think my mind will race ahead with various interior plans – even if my purse can’t quite make them a reality yet! On a positive note all the moving boxes in the office are gone. A HUGE improvement from where we were a couple of weeks ago.

Although my plans for my office are still just that, plans, I haven’t stopped trawling the internet for some interiors inspiration! I’m currently leaning towards a feminine office – monochrome colours with hints of blush to soften things slightly. As usual, I’m struggling with the vision I have in my head and what’s actually out there for me to buy. Seriously, if anybody knows where I can buy some Dalmatian print curtains please let me know!

Dalmatian curtains aside, I have collated a few items and images that I think will really help create a feminine office.

Feminine Office
A few of these I have already purchased – the amazing feather light is hanging over my head as we speak (absolute steal for any UK visitors £28 and available from B&Q), and the New York print I’ve already shared previously (check it out HERE). Others are just inspiration but I’d love to see any recommendations you have – any ideas you’d like to share?

Navy Living Room: The Reveal!

Navy Living Room
If you’ve been following us on Instagram (and if you haven’t we’d love it if you did here!) then you might have noticed a few sneaky pictures of our navy living room. We started working on it 3 weeks after we moved in, and now, 4 weeks later I think we’re pretty much there.

It’s not all about pretty images though, so to protect your eyes, I’ve hidden the before shots after the jump…

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DIY Juju Hat

DIY Juju Hat
We recently redecorated our master bedroom and it’s a lovely calm space for us to return to at the end of the day. We’ve used a pale geometric wallpaper to add contrast, however we wanted something special to hang above our bed.

I toyed with a few different ideas, including mirrors and prints, but in the end I decided what I really wanted was a Juju hat. Of course I did – because believe me, these bad boys aren’t cheap! If you don’t fancy a DIY, the one I heavily coveted can be found here.

There’s a few tutorials out there (which I’ll share after the jump) but today I wanted to share how we made our DIY Juju Hat.

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Ikea Bissa Hack

Ikea Bissa Hack

Our new home has a fairly narrow hallway and when we first moved in our shoes seemed to gather at the bottom of the stairs (think Mount Everest, but made of shoes). Not very pretty, and also quite a big trip hazard! For me, getting some sort of organisation in the hall was a big priority for both safety and aesthetic reasons.

There was only 1 wall that had potential for some storage, and it’s quite narrow which ruled out a lot of the shoe storage available. I looked at the Ikea Bissa but originally discounted it as it didn’t seem particularly attractive. However after many more hours of searching it seemed like the only thing that would fit, and so a hack was needed.

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Choices: Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper
As you might have guessed (going from a post about moving to wallpaper) we’ve moved! About bloody time I’ll say, but we’re in and the house is AMAZING and feels like home already (despite some of the existing decor). We’ve decorated a couple of rooms already, and pictures will come, but for today I wanted to share a real life dilemma I’m currently struggling with – the difficult task of choosing the Geometric Wallpaper that will grace our living room walls.

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