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Yet again there’s been a period of unexpected absence from both of us. As we alluded to in our previous post things in our personal lives have been very hectic but it now finally feels right to finally share what’s been going on with a bit of a personal post.

For a period of time there was a chance that we were going to be relocating to Yorkshire, around 3 hours drive north of where we currently live. There was much research on Rightmove (when isn’t there!) being carried out and we also spent a weekend driving around York and getting familiar with the different areas. During this time I was also spending 3 nights away from home in Yorkshire with work – needless to say things felt full on for a while. After around 5 weeks of to-ing and fro-ing we came to the conclusion that the move wasn’t the right thing to do for us. Cue much soul searching.

Now for a little travel back in time. When we brought our current house we were in a rush to buy having secured sellers on our first home. At the time there was a beautiful double fronted house we both loved in our preferred area. It wasn’t perfect, and things would have needed to be reconfigured, but for us it was love. We had an offer accepted before the seller changed their mind and removed it from the market. When we viewed our current home for the first time I discounted it, but Simon convinced me to come back and view it again. In a very slow market this house had the most potential and was in a very nice street. So, we brought it for a good price and set about doing it up to reflect our own tastes.

Fast forward to the present, and with the house now pretty much complete we found ourselves feeling a bit lost. We still liked the house, but we didn’t love it, and aspects about the location irritated us. We got to chatting about the previous house, and realised we both still wanted to live in that area, preferably in a similar style of house. We invited two estate agents round and had the house valued. To our surprise it was valued at £40K more than we’d paid for it in 2011 and it’s safe to say we were thrilled. All seemed good so far for operation “dream home”.

However, like any good story, there is a twist. We met with our mortgage advisor and he advised us, that due to our debts, the likelihood of us getting a mortgage on a new house was slim to none. The lenders had tightened their criteria which meant we could only remortgage on our current home – but that we couldn’t release any of the equity. We were gob smacked. We knew we had debts, but had no idea it would prevent us from having the home we wanted.

We’ve spent a good deal of time since then looking at our lives and deciding what our priorities are and we’ve decided to sell. The house has been sold for a few weeks now, and we will be moving into rented accommodation for a period of 6 months or so. It’s a scary step, getting off the housing ladder, but we’ll be able to repay our debts and still have money left from the sale of our house for a deposit on the next.

It’s time for a new chapter, and a new slant on the blog – is it possible to turn a rented flat into a home?


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