An experiment with chalk paint

Header chalk mirror

I think it’s safe to say (based on others blogs and Pinterest) that Chalk paint is having something of a moment. After seeing a lot of projects and furniture overhauls I decided it was time for us to give it a whirl as well.

We purchased a 1 litre tub of Annie Sloan in Old White from a lovely little shop near where Simon works (credit due to him for going into a vintage shop all on his own, I think the shop assistants scared him a little). From all the projects and tutorials I’ve seen it looked like this paint was going to be really easy to use, but we decided to tackle a fairly easy project for our first time – just in case!

Mirror before

This mirror belonged to Simon’s granny and we hung it in our living room in our previous home and this one. We’d spray painted it black to match our old d├ęcor but it didn’t go so well with the neutral scheme we have in this house. It’s a simple shaped mirror but there is a lot of detail around the edges that I love.

Mirror detail

This project took no preparation, other than masking the mirror up (we added newspaper as well, I’m a very messy painter!). I thought we could just apply one coat of paint and all would be good. I still think we probably could have done that if we hadn’t been trying to cover black with white. This is what it looked like after 1 coat:

Mirror 1 coat

We applied a second coat as it looked slightly patchy around some of the edges and we wanted to make sure that the black was definitely covered. After the second coat we left it to dry overnight. I was like a kid on Christmas morning the next day! I had to wait until that evening to hang it but I think it looks really sweet on the wall, and I’m pleased that we have something with family history and meaning on display.

Mirror after - entire wall Close up on wall

Now we’ve had a play with the paint I’m excited to use it on another furniture renovation/upgrade next weekend.

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