Our Springtime Garden

If you’ve followed our posts for a while then you’ll have noticed that most of the things we share focus firmly on the inside of our house! It’s safe to say that neither myself nor Simon would class ourselves as garden people. Give us space for a BBQ and somewhere to drink and we’ve always been pretty happy. However, that does seem to have changed with this house (I suspect because it finally feels like we’re going to be somewhere for a while) and for once we have focused on the garden.

Last year we had the patio extended and this year we’ve made some improvements ourselves (and with the help of our family – thank you!). We’re not quite finished yet, but now that spring is here and the garden is starting to feel like an extension of our home we thought it was time to share our springtime garden.

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DIY Valentines Gift Ideas

I’ll be the first to admit, we don’t really do Valentine’s Day. We get each other a card and perhaps go out for meal (or more likely stay in with a bottle of wine) but that’s about it. However, this year, I’ll be away with work on the day itself which does seem a little sad. It feels like this year might be the year to make more of an effort, you know?

With that in mind, I’ve found some really creative DIY Valentines gift ideas on some equally creative blogs. So, check them out! I’ll let you guys know whether I manage to attempt any of these awesome ideas myself, or whether it’s another bottle of wine for us love birds!

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DIY Shutters

Shutters have always been a “one day I’ll have these in my home” goal. I’ve always thought they looked incredible, but due to the cost never thought we’d realistically be able to afford them. Well this was until just before Christmas, when my “one day” goal came true!

I was browsing Instagram and came across a post by The Home That Made Me where they’d installed DIY shutters into their home. They had a discount code for 30% off, so we took the plunge and ordered some for our Living Room, Kitchen and Landing. They arrived in the week leading up to Christmas and today I’m so, so, SO excited to be able to share them with you.

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2017 - A Year in Review

So here we are, the end of 2016 with 2017 nearly upon us! 2016 has been a big year for us personally as we spent the first half of the year in what felt like the world’s longest house chain. Thankfully everything finally completed in early May, and since then we’ve really felt like we have a real home. We have some exciting house projects and DIYs to share in early 2017 but until then read on over for our 2016 review.

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Christmas Traditions

I can’t believe how quickly my favourite month of the year is going by! It’s only 5 sleeps now until the big day itself. A conversation with some friends earlier this week got me thinking about all the different Christmas traditions people have. Read on to find out how we embrace Christmas, as well as some other traditions to get that Christmas spirit going!

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