Our Springtime Garden

If you’ve followed our posts for a while then you’ll have noticed that most of the things we share focus firmly on the inside of our house! It’s safe to say that neither myself nor Simon would class ourselves as garden people. Give us space for a BBQ and somewhere to drink and we’ve always been pretty happy. However, that does seem to have changed with this house (I suspect because it finally feels like we’re going to be somewhere for a while) and for once we have focused on the garden.

Last year we had the patio extended and this year we’ve made some improvements ourselves (and with the help of our family – thank you!). We’re not quite finished yet, but now that spring is here and the garden is starting to feel like an extension of our home we thought it was time to share our springtime garden.

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Hallway Reveal

I believe that the first impression you get of a house stays with you. When we moved in our hallway was fine, but nothing special and it didn’t represent us or the rest of our home. If you follow us over on Instagram you’ll have seen a few hallway snaps over the past couple of months as we’ve been tweaking the space. And today, we finally get to share our hallway reveal!

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Master Bedroom Makeover

We’ve shared a few reveals of our home, but we’ve never shared our master bedroom. When we moved in (nearly a year ago now!) this was the first room we decorated. The room was very calm, with a grey and white colour scheme (standard) but the wallpaper we chose had a small print and didn’t really add anything to the room. It was sort of on the to-do list but not a huge priority as we could live with it. Plus who wants to re-wallpaper when you’ve literally just done it?!

However, I recently saw a wallpaper that I loved whilst out shopping and suddenly the bedroom rocketed up the to-do list. Isn’t that always the way! Read on for the full reveal of our master bedroom makeover.

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Monochrome Bedroom Reveal

If you’ve seen any photos of our home or looked at our blog you’ll see that we’re big fans of the colour grey! There are some exceptions to this, with our navy living room and sage kitchen, but overall Grey is where we are at – and proud. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that grey features heavily in our new monochrome guest bedroom.

This has been a bit of a work in progress, but as you’ll have seen in our last post I finally got my butt into gear and finished the storage we had in there. Read on for the full reveal, but beware, I got a little snap happy!

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