Chair Refurbishment – Part 1

Chair refurbishment part 1

As promised earlier this week we want to share part one of our first furniture refurb. This is the first instalment in a 3 part series.

First things first, you obviously need to know the history of the chair (duh!). It’s quite simple really, I stumbled across this image and decided I needed something very similar in my life. Luckily I happen to be related to a bargain hunter – and I knew that if somebody could find us a chair it would be her – my lovely mum! She stumbled across 8 of these chairs, and kindly brought one for me (and herself!).

The chair had a lot of potential but it needed a fair amount of work to get it stripped down and ready for painting. Here’s how we did it.

Chair refurbish part 1

1. To begin with we pulled the edging off which had just been glued onto the chair. No fancy tools were needed to do this – just a lot bit of brute force! We removed all of the edging from the front, back and seat of the chair.

2. Once the edging was removed Simon made a hole in the upholstery fabric so that we could rip it. I think he used a screwdriver although I’m sure there’s probably a better way… we only removed the fabric from the front and back of the chair, and were careful as we did so to avoid damaging the structure in between.

3. We left the burlap sack (I can’t think what else it looks like) in place, but we did remove the gross grey looking stuff from the back. We somehow managed to keep the foam from the front intact so kept this to put back in, and also create templates with later down the line.

4. Once the majority of the fabric was removed we began the fun task of pulling out all of the staples – and there were a LOT! The way that worked best for us was for Simon to loosen them with a flat head screwdriver, before I yanked them out with some pliers. This was the most consuming part of this whole project.

5. Once all the staples were removed we sanded away the few remaining parts of glue and smoothed down a few marks accidentally caused by the screwdriver.

And that was when we stopped to have lunch as we were both ravenous by this point! Check back soon for part 2 – painting the chair.


    • Sammi
      June 30, 2013 / 7:42 pm

      It’s going in the corner of our bedroom which has a mixture of colours including white, purples and grey’s. I’m a little bit in love with it!

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