Chair Refurbishment – Part 2

Chair refurbishment

A little later than originally intended (sorry, real life and lovely weather got in the way!) but here it is – part two of our first furniture refurbishment.

chair refurbish collage 2

1.The paint we used for the chair was Old White, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. We began by propping the chair upside down for easy access to the legs (top right). As you can see we didn’t paint much of the frame to begin with.

2. Once the paint had dried a little (not a lot) we turned the chair the right way up and painted the main body of the chair. We used 2 different sized brushes for this to make sure we could get paint into the more intricate parts of the chair, such as the little holes at the top. We then left the chair for about an hour.

3. Once the paint felt dry we applied a second coat to the body of the chair and the front of the legs only. Our argument was that you wouldn’t see the legs too much and the most important thing was to make sure that the main frame of the chair was covered! As with our mirror makeover¬†we applied 2 coats, but had it been lighter wood it probably would have covered in one. We didn’t do any preparation other than a small amount of sanding (as shown in Part One).

We left the paint to dry overnight before tackling the re-upholstery, a completely new challenge for both of us.

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