Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

I can’t believe how quickly my favourite month of the year is going by! It’s only 5 sleeps now until the big day itself. A conversation with some friends earlier this week got me thinking about all the different Christmas traditions people have. Read on to find out how we embrace Christmas, as well as some other traditions to get that Christmas spirit going!

This will be mine and Simon’s 8th Christmas together, and there are a few Christmas Traditions we have that are all our own, as well as some from our families that we’ve carried on.

First up is an oldie but a goodie – the advent calendar. We’ve carried this on into adulthood, and moved away from the delicious chocolate snacks (although don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of chocolate for breakfast). This year Simon received a beer advent calendar, whilst I’ve had a homemade advent from him with different gifts everyday. I have to say, getting a little present everyday in December has definitely got the excitement building!

Our second tradition is watching pretty much every Christmas film ever made. I’ll normally start pestering Simon in mid-November to start watching Christmas films. My all time favourite is Love Actually, but here are 5 others that are absolute must-sees:

  1. The Muppets Christmas Carol – I grew up watching this with my family
  2. Jingle All the Way – this is Simon’s favourite Christmas film
  3. Home Alone and Home Alone 2 – Although both are classics, we were in New York in December and this brings all those amazing memories back.
  4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – no words for this one, just watch it and *hopefully* fall in love with the realistic Christmas it shares!
  5. The Snowman – sing it with me now, “We’re walking in the air!!!” One of my earliest Christmas memories is watching this on Christmas Eve with the family.

There is a classic that doesn’t make the list above, but leads me nicely into our next tradition. There’s an incredible little cinema in our town and on Christmas Eve it shows It’s a Wonderful Life. We went and saw it last year, and will be doing so again this year. Watching this in black and white, on Christmas Eve just feels really magical. Christmas Eve is also completed with a Chinese takeaway. Whilst it might not be traditional, it’s our tradition and something we’ve done every year since we’ve lived together.

The final tradition, and it’s one Simon is adjusting to, is the Christmas breakfast. Growing up we always had a selection of cold meats, pickles, cheeses and pork pie for breakfast on the main day. No idea where it comes from but my Grandad does it, my Dad does it and we’ve carried on doing it as well. I can honestly say it’s the breakfast I most look forward too ALL year (even if Simon would prefer a bacon sandwich).

Whilst they are our Christmas traditions I know they might not float everybody’s boat, so fear not, I’ve collated some other great ideas to help create that Christmas magic!

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