Dining room reveal

Dining room reveal

Over the past couple of weeks the majority of projects we have done have all been to make changes in our dining room. We’ve now completed nearly everything we wanted to do to add a bit of personality to the room.

All of the improvements to our room have been done DIY styley (with the exception of our lights, which were cheaper to buy than make). Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from before we started making changes – a learn for next time – but I do have lots of pretty after pictures to share. After the pictures there are links to each of the individual projects in case you want to know how we created something, or want to give it a go yourself!

6 Photos

Our gallery wall, made using photos we took ourselves during trips around the globe. For the location details, as well as the download link for the pictures follow this link.

Dining room facing door

A view from the far end of the dining room towards the house. In this shot you can see our gallery again, but also the tops of our custom chair covers.

Dining room facing gallery

Another shot of our dining room, showing off our beautiful gallery, custom chair covers and the funky splat bowl. We brought this from an amazing one-off shop not too far from where we live. It sells things that were once displayed in show homes and is fantastic for finding one off pieces.

Full room facing inYou can see my favourite addition in this shot – our beautiful sun mirror! You can also see one of the first DIY jobs we shared on this blog, our free furniture upgrade.

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