Garden Update: DIY Garden Planter

DIY Garden Planter

We’ve never shared a garden post on the blog before, so today is a real treat for you! Our focus has always tended to be on the interior of our homes rather than the exterior but when the weather is lovely and sunny, like it was at the weekend, our focus tends to shift. However, our garden is a bit of a peculiar shape, and to add a bit of greenery DIY was needed.

I will share a before image of the garden… but please no judging! We didn’t decide to block pave the entire thing, but it’s been really well laid and removing it isn’t something we want to tackle right now. So this is what we have to work with:

DIY garden planter
Our garden is an L-shape, so this is only half of what we have to work with. As you can see there is no greenery there at all and we wanted to do something that would change the space up quickly.

We decided upon the idea of a long planter along the side, but after 4 hours traipsing around local DIY shops and garden centres we didn’t find something that would fill even half the space. After a quick Google we did find one that was already built, however it would have set us back £80 – without any soil or plants. Not cool with us at all, so we decided to DIY!

The concept behind the DIY garden planter was really simple. We brought 10 x decking boards at 2.4 metres long to allow for a 3-high stack. The spare length was used for the sides, which we cut to 40cm each.

To begin with you want to create a frame, like so:

DIY garden planter
As you can see we placed our screws in the indents of the boards as this means they are less visible. We then spaced the boards across the bottom to make the base and leave a little room for drainage.

DIY planter
Once the base was attached we duplicated the first step and used flat brackets to attach the further 2 layers together. We also used some corner brackets on the underneath to make the base nice and strong.

DIY Garden Planter
DIY Garden Planter
We then struggled across the garden and got the planter in place, filling the bottom with some loose bricks and stones we had to improve drainage. Once that was all in place we added some soil and then got to prettifying the space with some Lavender, Honey Suckle, Clematis and lower level shrubs. It’s only a small step towards transformation but the space looks so much more homely already!

DIY Garden Planter DIY Garden Planter DIY Garden Planter DIY Garden Planer

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