DIY Scandi Light

DIY Scandi Light

As mentioned in our last post we had problems finding a Scandi light that worked in our newly painted kitchen. So, today we’re sharing how we created our very own DIY Scandi Light.

Before I get into the details of how we made our light, I want to share the fun (!) we had before deciding to DIY. I’ve always loved those big spider lights that you see in restaurants or beautiful interior shops. I’d spent some time (a lot!) looking for one previously but they were always too big. That was until John Lewis released an incredible new lighting range, which included their swag ceiling light. Not sure why they’ve named it that, perhaps that is the proper name? But regardless it fitted the bill of my ideal spider light. Much excitement later, order placed and eagerly collected.

I have to say, even when getting the light out of the box I was still really excited. My excitement began to fade once the light was actually on the ceiling however. I came to the realisation that I am not somebody that is good with casual interiors and relaxed wires draping everywhere. I don’t know whether the light was perhaps still too big, but it overwhelmed the room and the wires needed shortening by a ridiculous amount which would have ruined the light. So the light was returned and sad times followed.

So I pondered for a bit, got a bit frustrated and wondered what to do next. As probably every interior lover knows, I should have gone straight onto Pinterest for some inspiration. Which is exactly what I did, once I’d finished mourning my spider light dream. As I was swooning over several lovely Scandi interiors I came across the pin below.

DIY Scandi Light

(Credit for Photo to Hannah Blackmore Photography.)

And it was heaven! There’s still a bit of relaxed wire draping, but only one, which I could handle, and the whole effect was really simple and striking. I spent some time looking for a light like this, but wasn’t able to find anything close. I showed Simon the pin and he thought it would be relatively easy to create ourselves – and he was right!

To create our DIY Scandi light we used a black flex from Homebase (same as the one used in our hall renovation) and purchased a simple shade from Ikea. We then roughly mocked up the light to get an idea of the right length before Simon cut the wires. To create the loop effect we sprayed a hook he had in the garage with matt black paint. We were a little nervous about having weight suspended from the hook, but the light itself doesn’t weigh much and fingers crossed, we’re about a month in and it’s still firmly in place! In total the whole thing cost us about £25 which is a bargain compared to the £75 we were willing to spend on the John Lewis light.

DIY Scandi Light

DIY Scandi Light

I am so, so thrilled with how this has turned out. Especially as it’s made our dining room feel more central to the kitchen. What do you think, would you DIY your own light?


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