DIY Stair Gate

DIY Stair Gate

One of the things we didn’t realise would be such a challenge with a puppy is the fact that he can get everywhere. And yes, it does seems obvious in hindsight! We thought we’d been lucky and that Buddy had no interest in the stairs but unfortunately we were proved wrong last week. Thankfully he only made it to the top of the stairs before we reached him but we knew we needed something to restrict his access to the bedrooms.

Some friends of ours have a nice looking stair gate, but it’s pretty expensive. We have looked around and neither of us were keen on the cheaper versions. Attractive stair gates seemed to be a gap in the market, so like any good DIYers, we decided to make our own! We do have a tutorial to share, as the pictures below demonstrate, but it really was easy to make.

The only things you need for to create your own DIY stair gate are some chip board or wood cut to size(we already had some in the garage), some fabric, and either super glue or a glue gun.

DIY Stair Gate - Step 1

1. Measure out your fabric, and place board in the middle – similar to when you wrap a present.

DIY Stair Gate -Step 2

2. Fold the bottom edge up, pull the fabric tightly and secure with a glue gun. Repeat for each side.

DIY Stair Gate - Step 3

3. Fold the top edge of the fabric to create a straight line that meets the bottom of your board. Pull tight and secure with glue.

DIY stair gate

DIY Stair Gate - Final close up

Once the glue is dried and the fabric securely fastened, pop your DIY stair gate into place – and voila!


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