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With all the changes we’ve been making to our virtual world (with a few more to come) we thought it was high time we shared our list of changes for the real world! We’ve lived in our house for nearly 2 years now but that to do list never seems to get any shorter. Along with my house spreadsheet (I love a good spreadsheet) we also seem to have scraps of post it notes all around the house.

Although we like to track our goals differs there’s one thing we both agree on – the satisfaction you get when you get to cross something off! Here’s our latest post it note list made around the end of June and our progress so far:

  • Paint wood in living room (this has been on the list since December 2012!)
  • Paint wood in utility room
  • Paint ceiling in utility room – DONE
  • Hang hooks in utility room – DONE
  • Trim sealer in utility room
  • Lay membrane in garden – DONE
  • Buy and level gravel in garden – DONE
  • Remove sky dish – DONE
  • Touch ups in kitchen – DONE
  • Trim sealer in utility
  • TV on wall in living room – DONE

We’ve also tackled tasks not on the list – stencilling the second bedroom, re-spraying the kitchen cupboards, upcycling a coffee table and painting a giant teal stripe on the living room wall!

With summer nearly at an end and autumn fast approaching there are some bigger projects we’d love to take on before the end of the year – such as our cloakroom which currently has a lovely colour mix of dark red, yellow with attractive dark wood dado. Pretty overwhelming for such a small room! For now this might have to wait, but in the meantime we can look back at our list and see what we’ve achieved so far.



    • Sammi
      August 20, 2013 / 7:07 am

      I’m an organisation freak, hence the spreadsheet! It does make it easier to prioritise though.

      Glad you like the new design, scary stuff getting used to coding in WordPress!

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