Choices: Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper
As you might have guessed (going from a post about moving to wallpaper) we’ve moved! About bloody time I’ll say, but we’re in and the house is AMAZING and feels like home already (despite some of the existing decor). We’ve decorated a couple of rooms already, and pictures will come, but for today I wanted to share a real life dilemma I’m currently struggling with – the difficult task of choosing the Geometric Wallpaper that will grace our living room walls.

Our new home is fairly modern with a living room that featured a very unattractive fireplace. We’ve promptly ripped this out and we’re now in the process of replacing it with a chimney breast to provide some interest in the room (again pictures to come).

By updating our space like this, we’ve created 2 alcoves for me to play with, which is what I’m intending to wallpaper, and what is currently causing me to scratch my head.

I’ve already decided on the colour palette for the room which is navy and white. The bulk of the room will be white as it’s north facing and needs a helping hand with light, but the main wall definitely needs some interest to stop the overall effect being a little blah.

My current options are below (seems a difficult ask for navy wallpaper in the UK). I think I’m leaning towards the second at the moment, but I am tempted by the potential ease of the Etsy options! What’s your favourite? Is there anywhere else I should be checking out for inspiration?

Geometric Wallpaper - B&Q

Oslo Blue Geometric Wallpaper | B&Q | £12

Geometric Wallpaper - Wallpaper Direct

Scandinavian Designers | Wallpaper Direct | £59

Geometric Wallpaper - Etsy

Peel & Stick Triangle Pattern | Etsy

Geometric Wallpaper - Etsy

Stripy Leaf Pattern | Etsy


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