New home – progress?

I’m sure it’s like this every time you move house, but we’ve been in our new home for nearly 2 months now and although I know we’ve made progress it still feels like our to-do list is never ending! We’ve shared a few projects we’ve tackled already – recovering our dining room chairs, and modernising a slightly(!) dated coffee table.

Thankfully, as a blogger, taking photos of everything as you go is just another thing to do on the checklist, which is why I have some very real photos off our new home, in various states, to share today… I’m hiding them after the jump, please don’t judge us too harshly!

Billy Bookcases thumbnail
Living Room Moving
Aga hole
Bedroom Ceiling
Peach bedroom
That’s it – for now, not sure how many more eyesore photos you can take!


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