Ikea Hemnes Hack: Shoe Cabinet

Ikea Hemnes Hack

It’s been over a month since we shared our last Ikea Hack. So, as true Ikea addicts we thought it was high time we shared another! Today we’re sharing our Ikea Hemnes Hack, which is now taking pride of place in our guest bedroom.

Our guest bedroom is a little on the small side, and shortly after we first moved in we realised that the wardrobes were too large for the room. Our bedroom has a fair amount of storage, so we didn’t need masses in the guest room, just something where we could hide away our less frequently used items.

We decided on the Ikea Hemnes as it isn’t very deep and fills the wall nicely. We snapped it up for the newly reduced price of £69 (You can buy it online here). The first thing we did was swap out the handles for some silver ones that we found in Homesense. We actually then left the cabinet as it was for a while. I love the Hemnes range, hacked or not, so timescales slipped slightly with this hack.

However, the look I was trying to create for the room, with dark accents against the pale grey walls, didn’t quite work with an entirely white piece of furniture. So, as a finishing touch I painted the drawer fronts with a grey Rustoleum paint. Because I’m lazy we didn’t actually remove the fronts from the drawer. We just removed the drawer from the frame and painted them whole.

For the painting itself I used a little roller, rather than a paintbrush, which gave a really smooth finish. (I think I saw this tip on Pinterest, so if I did, and it was yours, please let me know!) We were a bit nervous originally as the paint didn’t look like it was drying, but we got there with a little bit of patience!

Ikea Hemnes Hack

Ikea Hemnes Hack


Completing this hack means that our guest bedroom is finished. At least, finished for now anyway! We’ll be sharing the rest of the room in our next post, so stay tuned.


    • Sammi
      October 20, 2017 / 5:22 pm

      Hi Tracey, you should be able to order it on IKEA’s website directly.

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