Ikea Moppe Hack

Simple Ikea Moppe Hack
There are plenty of Ikea Moppe hacks out there, so I won’t pretend that this post is completely revolutionary – I know it’s not quite the reinvention of the wheel! However I did want to share a small project we’ve worked on recently.

(For other inspiration do check out Pinterest, as there are some amazing hacks on there. In fact – Ikea Hackers have a whole section dedicated to it here.)

I’m a big fan of the Ikea Moppe, it’s cheap and really useful for storage. I’ve never purchased one before, but on a random stroll through Ikea (as you do!) I spotted one. As a bit of background I work for a Cosmetics company, so I have quite a lot of products (some being used, some collecting dust) and my old storage was getting pretty grubby, which mean time for a new solution.

At the moment I’ve left the Ikea Moppe as is, without painting the bulk of the wood, and instead chose to use a wallpaper sample on the drawers and attached some handles (I’ve put the drawers in backwards to hide the funny finger hole). The wallpaper sample was free, and the handles another cheap Ikea purchase. I may paint the frame at some point, but definitely an improvement on what I had before.

What do you think? What do you do for customised storage?

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