Inspiration Post: Feminine Office

As I type this I’m sitting in my office, which due to a lack of funds and months of DIY splurging, isn’t quite the haven I’d like it to be yet. Still, that’s reality for you! Until I win the lottery I think my mind will race ahead with various interior plans – even if my purse can’t quite make them a reality yet! On a positive note all the moving boxes in the office are gone. A HUGE improvement from where we were a couple of weeks ago.

Although my plans for my office are still just that, plans, I haven’t stopped trawling the internet for some interiors inspiration! I’m currently leaning towards a feminine office – monochrome colours with hints of blush to soften things slightly. As usual, I’m struggling with the vision I have in my head and what’s actually out there for me to buy. Seriously, if anybody knows where I can buy some Dalmatian print curtains please let me know!

Dalmatian curtains aside, I have collated a few items and images that I think will really help create a feminine office.

Feminine Office
A few of these I have already purchased – the amazing feather light is hanging over my head as we speak (absolute steal for any UK visitors £28 and available from B&Q), and the New York print I’ve already shared previously (check it out HERE). Others are just inspiration but I’d love to see any recommendations you have – any ideas you’d like to share?


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