Kitchen Renovation – Part 1

We moved into our current house from a repossession that we completely gutted and renovated. We’ve been here for near enough 18 months now, and as the state of this house is nowhere near as bad as the first there are still quite a lot of bigger jobs we haven’t tackled yet (more on those another day).

When we moved in we thought the kitchen was in ok shape, not to our taste, but liveable. And it was. But during the last bank holiday we decided that enough was enough, and we’d finally had enough of the lovely orangey/red tiles the adorned our walls. 1 big hammer and a chisel later and the walls had gone from this….

Red tiles

To this….

Tile removal

Luckily Simon is a dab hand with ready made plaster (thanks to the dado rails present in the majority of the rooms when we moved in) and was fairly confident in his abilities to make good the wall, once we had pulled all the tiles off. Who knew it would be so hard! In the end we had to skim the walls once and sand any obvious bits. Then I got to go around with a pencil doing “quality control” for the areas that needed proper filling or more sanding (this was my favourite bit). Once the walls were fairly smooth we painted over the dry plaster 5 times. Yes, 5. Not a massively expensive, or taxing task, but it seems to take forever!

Whilst the DIY King was sanding/plastering/filling I was painting over the bright red wall at the other end of the kitchen. We’d had the same coloured featured walls in the living room at our old house, and I really feel for the people who brought it off us, because this paint was hard to cover! I think this took a good 4 or 5 coats again – but we were going from bright red to an olive green colour.

Red wall before and after

Since then we’ve added a few more details, repainting the ceiling (I can’t be the only person that aches all over after doing this can I?), repainting all the woodwork, putting in a windowsill and replacing the plain white blind with something a bit more interesting. The kitchen is still nowhere near finished, but for now it’s a LOT more pleasing on the eye. Eventually we’d like to replace the cheap laminate floor with a black vinyl, and then one day after that, the light wood doors with some gloss white ones. For now though I’m looking forward to adding some shelves to the end wall, and hopefully making them look as nice as any my inspiration images below. I have some printables I’ve designed already, I’ll share those in a future post.

Shelf inspiration

Source unknown/Via

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