Monochrome Guest Bedroom: The Reveal!

Monochrome Bedroom Reveal

If you’ve seen any photos of our home or looked at our blog you’ll see that we’re big fans of the colour grey! There are some exceptions to this, with our navy living room and sage kitchen, but overall Grey is where we are at – and proud. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that grey features heavily in our new monochrome guest bedroom.

This has been a bit of a work in progress, but as you’ll have seen in our last post I finally got my butt into gear and finished the storage we had in there. Read on for the full reveal, but beware, I got a little snap happy!

Monochrome Guest Bedroom

As you can see, the room isn’t huge, but it is big enough for a big snuggly bed! I absolutely love this bedding from H&M, and as a big fan of the print was so excited to see it for sale in the UK. Unfortunately it’s no longer for sale, but there’s a fantastic monochrome option that I think would work just as well here. I might even have to snap that one up as a back up!

The blanket over the base of the bed is a Homesense find, as are the other cushions on the bed itself.

Monochrome Guest Bedroom

I discovered Desenio earlier this year, which is where I found these amazing prints. The quality is absolutely fantastic and they have so many different options available on their website. They also do quite big prints which I have struggled to find in the past. We framed them with standard Ikea Frames, and will definitely be ordering others for around the home.

Monochrome Guest Bedroom

You saw a lot of this beauty last week, but this, combined with under the bed storage is all we have in this room. It’s not very deep and quite wide, so works fantastically in this space. The mirror is again from Ikea (I have a problem!) and the “Be our guest” print was a bargain sale buy from H&M.

Monochrome Guest Bedroom

Monochrome Guest Bedroom

I know, I know… light, bright photos are much more popular but I couldn’t resist sharing how cosy this bedroom looks at night. I love how the dark pieces add a bit of drama, while the lighter walls keep it from feeling too oppressive.

So that’s it my lovelies, what do you think? And does anybody have as much of an additcion to Grey as I do?!

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