Moving House: Top 10 Tips

Moving House Top 10 Tips
Our house chain is now complete, and our moving date is imminent! Finally, nearly 8 months after first listing our house it seems that we’ll be moving at the end of April. I’m not sure about the process in other countries, but in England it seems to be a complete nightmare, especially when there’s a chain involved.

To celebrate (and procrastinate from packing) we wanted to share some of our top tips when it comes to moving house.

  1. Book your removals as soon as you can, get quotes from a few different suppliers and consider what role you want them to play in your move. Do you want them to pack for you or just to move your things? Most decent removal companies will also provide moving boxes too, which is one less thing to worry about purchasing.
  2. Clear out before you start packing – don’t move things that’ll just get thrown in the bin! We’ve done this plenty of times, and have ended up shredding paperwork from years ago that we really didn’t need. Now is a good time to declutter!
  3. Have the packing materials to hand as you go. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to try and reach your parcel tape or marker pen whilst holding the top of a box together (unless of course Twister is your thing).
  4. As you’re packing try and pack items by room so that you have a vague idea of where things are when you unpack. This will save both your sanity and half empty boxes at the other end when you’ve desperately been looking for a pair of curtains, kitchenware etc.!
  5. Think about what you’re packing, and if possible try and use smaller boxes for heavy items. I’m definitely guilty of packing an entire box of books and then realising I can’t actually move it. Not ideal, and not a good way to make friends with the removal company.
  6. Sticky labels are your friend. This was something we discovered in our last move that really helped, white labels against a brown cardboard box really help identify what room a particular box needs to go into. If you’re really organised you could also categorise your labels by colour – e.g. blue for the bathroom, red for the kitchen.
  7. Try and pack a whole room, clean it and then close the door to save having to clean the entire house in the final days before moving.
  8. Remember that there will be some essentials that you don’t want to pack until the last minute, if at all. Some of the things we tend to take in our cars with us include: bedding for a good first night’s sleep, kettle with coffee/tea and milk as well as a few mugs (this will also be an essential for thirsty removal companies!).
  9. You might want to move some really important items with you personally (depending on size). In the past we’ve moved fragile items, such as the TV with us, to prevent it being damaged. We didn’t do this for our last move and as a result now have a cluster of dead cells in the corner.
  10. Make a list of people you’ll need to notify of your new address. We have an ongoing list on our iPad at the moment, but there’s some good suggestions here.

These are just some of the things we wished we’d known the first time we moved house (hell, some of it we wish we’d known the last time). After what will be 6 moves, in 7 years, we’re beginning to feel like professionals but are there any other moving house tips that you’d share?


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