Retro Pouffe Makeover

Pouffe Makeover

As a couple we’re really bad for putting our feet up on either our coffee table (which is quite delicate) or on our very pale sofa, which has left it looking slightly less attractive than it did when we first purchased it a year ago. With this in mind I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of pouffes for a while now, but haven’t had much success in finding anything reasonably priced. I was scouring eBay when I came across a pair of fairly retro¬†pouffes¬†that were just screaming out for a makeover.

When we collected the pouffes we were surprised by how comfy they were, but they definitely needed a bit of DIY love. They’re pretty sturdy as well, and will make for good additional seating if visitors need somewhere to perch as well.

Pouffe Makeover
The pouffe makeover itself was pretty easy:

  • First we covered the stools in a grey fabric (using this great guide, which was different to other I’d seen).
  • We then purchased a white sheet and cut it in half (we were trying to avoid as much sewing as possible, as it always leads to tantrums!), before pinning onto the grey fabric at around the half way point.
  • We then sewed the white fabric in place and hemmed the bottom edge to create a neat edge.

Viola! 1 quick pouffe makeover, and gone is the retro red fabric, replaced with a much more eye pleasing grey and white.

Pouffe Makeover Pouffe Makeover

What do you think? Have you attempted any similar makeovers recently?

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