Small changes, big difference

Small change

The weather in England is amazing right now, lots of sun, clear skies and the temperatures are pretty high as well. So other than deciding to move 3 tonne of gravel on the hottest day of the year (more on that another day) we haven’t been tackling many major projects in the house. There are a few little things we’ve changed though and it got me thinking what difference even a small change can make to a room.

Our first little change was the addition of curtains to our living room (we’ve always had blinds to maintain a small amount of privacy). I’m quite a minimalist and I’d always avoided putting any up in case it spoilt the lines of the window – I love the bay window in here. However when I took a photo of the room to try and gain a different perspective it dawned on me that the room looked rather bare.


The window is a great window, but it really lacks something, don’t you think?

So we hot footed it to Ikea (loving that place at the minute) to try and find something to fill that space. The curtains we went for were Lenda in light beige (exciting colour I know). You can find them here. Add a curtain pole and voila…

restyled lounge

I still want to mount the TV on that wall to add a bit of interest to that side of the room. But I think the difference of adding a cheap pair of curtains and moving a footstool from behind the sofa really make a difference.

There are other small changes we’ve made around the house that have made a real difference to the room.

Adding a few more items onto the shelves in our kitchen (I want to add a plant in there somewhere).

restyling a shelf

Replacing the wooden handles that came with a chest of drawers with something a bit more fancy took its look from this…

rast shelves old handles

…to this:

rast shelves new handles

What simple changes have you made that had a real impact on your home?


  1. July 10, 2013 / 4:43 pm

    This is such a great makeover! You make me want to gussy up our Ikea Rast. (Despite the fact that I’ve had so much trouble w/ the retro stereo cabinet that I turned to my husband the other night and said “I’m never redoing another piece of furniture!”)

    • Sammi
      July 10, 2013 / 5:34 pm

      The stereo cabinet is going to look great – persevere with it!

      The Rast hack was really easy, it took time and paint but not much else. If you ask me you should go for it, there’s some amazing examples out there.

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