Reveal: Our Springtime Garden

Our Springtime Garden

If you’ve followed our posts for a while then you’ll have noticed that most of the things we share focus firmly on the inside of our house! It’s safe to say that neither myself nor Simon would class ourselves as garden people. Give us space for a BBQ and somewhere to drink and we’ve always been pretty happy. However, that does seem to have changed with this house (I suspect because it finally feels like we’re going to be somewhere for a while) and for once we have focused on the garden.

Last year we had the patio extended and this year we’ve made some improvements ourselves (and with the help of our family – thank you!). We’re not quite finished yet, but now that spring is here and the garden is starting to feel like an extension of our home we thought it was time to share our springtime garden.

In my usual style I didn’t think to take any photos before we started working on the garden. Thank god for Right Move though as I’ve managed to find a photo from when we purchased the house. The quality isn’t great, but you can see the red shed of doom that we inherited. The shed itself is actually in great condition, and is now home to the greatest bar shed that ever lived. I may be paraphrasing there, but Simon is very fond of it! So this is the before, perfectly liveable but not very exciting. The patio was really too small to fit a decent size table and chairs on which is why we decided to tackle that first.

Springtime garden before

We extended the patio to create a path in front of the conservatory and a decent size seating area. We got somebody in to do this for us last summer so that we could still use the space for BBQs and the like. Storm Doris kindly decided to blow the fence earlier this year, so that was a bit of a kick up the backside to replace it. I love dark colours in a garden so the fence was only ever going to be one colour – black. I think green plants against a black backdrop look really chic, and it’s SUCH an improvement on the red.

Once the fence had been refreshed the next step was the raised bed at the back of the garden. Before this space was really undefined, the tree/bush (I’m sure it has a proper name) was taking over the space and making the the garden feel smaller than it actually was. We wanted to mirror the effect that we had at the front of the garden, and with sleepers being a relatively cheap material it was a win-win. My dad and Simon tackled this last bank holiday Monday and it’s turned out really well. The bed itself is still fairly new, so it’ll take a little while for the plants to properly establish themselves. Come on Christmas tree, I haven’t given up hope yet! It does look very brown in this photo, but up close there are green shoots of life – honest!

Springtime garden

Springtime garden

The final step was to repaint the shed in a light grey colour. Having it a different colour from the fence really makes it stand out which I like, for the moment. It might be that in time the shed gets a touch of black paint as well… but for now, grey it is. To finish the shed off we found these amazing industrial solar lights. We purchased ours from a garden centre near us, but you can find them online here. In time I may also add some fairy lights along theĀ fence, but for now it’s nice to have a bit of additional light out here.

Springtime garden

For now, we’re waiting for the weather to be nice again so that we can finally use the garden to it’s maximum potential. For now though I’ll have to peek out through the raindrops (with a drink in my hand) and patiently wait for sunnier times!

What do you think of our springtime garden? Any must have garden buys we should consider? What would you tackle next?


    • Sammi
      August 29, 2017 / 4:24 pm

      Thanks – Simon loves it as his mancave!

  1. January 12, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    Great post, lovely shed and a great journey!

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