Top 10 Ikea Classics

Ikea Classics

Now I shan’t claim to be the only person who’s heard of Ikea. Far from it, I can only imagine how many homes over the world items from the famous flat pack store! However, we’ve brought many different Ikea items over the years – some we’ve loved, some that were very short lived and others that we’ve put our own stamp on. Today we wanted to share our top 10 Ikea classics.


1. Billy Bookcases

Number 1 absolutely has to be the Billy bookcase. We’ve had these in every single home we’ve lived in and have used them for various things. There’s lots of hacks out there – check out this Pinterest search as a great starting point. We also have some great examples right here on the blog – back in 2014 we made our own built-ins, and we currently have the half height version in our living room – which you can see here.

2. Ikea Rast

In at number 2 is the Ikea Rast. Surely this has to be one of the most hacked Ikea items of all time? We don’t have these in our home currently, but we have done in the past and there are some incredible upcycles out there. It’s a cheap, sturdy item and perfect for personalising! I’m reluctantly linking to one of our first ever projects, but there are stunning examples to be found at Dream a Little Bigger and Midwestern Girl.

3. Ikea Moppe

Number 3 is the Ikea Moppe, one of the most useful and customisable storage options there is. As with the other items this is heavily customisable and you can even turn the drawers around to add handles. Check out what we did with ours here.

4. Ikea Bissa

Next up is the Ikea Bissa. This might not be as popular an item as some of the others on the list, but the slim depth of this makes it a perfect solution for narrow hallways. Easy to customise, we have one in our hallway at the moment and it makes an ideal place for dumping things as we come through the door. Check out our hack here.

5. Ikea Lack

The Lack series has a lot of items in it, but it’s the shelves that make our Ikea Classics list. The reason for this is that they are the longest we’ve been able to find and also one of the easiest to hang on the wall. We have them in our living room and they create the perfect combination for storage/display.

6. Ikea Pax

The Ikea Pax is perfect for anybody that likes a place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Being able to pick and choose the interior of your wardrobe really does make cramming everything in so much more manageable!

Ikea Classics
7. Ikea Hemnes

The Hemnes range is also a massive offering from Ikea. The Ikea Classic that makes it onto this list is another shoe rack (although the chest of drawers in the range are also fantastic). This is perfect again for small rooms, due to it’s narrow depth. We have one in our guest bedroom pending a makeover at the moment, but in the meantime there are some fantastic examples over at House Tweaking and I Heart Organizing.

Ikea Classics

8. Ikea Ribba

These frames are an absolute bargain and they look much more expensive than they actually are. They come in a huge range of sizes and are perfect for gallery walls.

Ikea Classics

9. Tejn Rug

This is another item that looks more expensive than it is. Although the Tejn rug is little, it is pretty mighty. Perfectly soft underfoot, or for draping over a chair to create that hygge style.

Ikea Classics
10. Ikea Bekvam Stool

And finally, at the number 10 spot on our Ikea Classics list is the Ikea Bekvam Stool. Ours is currently being used for DIY purposes, and has artful splatters of paint over it, but it has been used as a side table and a bedside table in the past. Such a useful item, and again so easy to make your own – check out this amazing makeover from Lilyfield Life.

So, that’s it! Our Top 10 Ikea Classics. What do you think, are there any classics you feel we’ve missed?

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