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Upcycled Storage

Upcycled Storage
There’s something about the lovely weather we’re having in England that seems to be conducive with getting organised! For a while now we’ve been using some empty candle holders to keep pegs in the cupboard but it wasn’t really working.

The pegs were either rolling around on the bottom shelf of the cupboard or scattered higgidly piggidly in the holder. It’s one of those things that niggled but not a huge issue, so we just lived with it – until last week, when I got inspired doing washing – who knew! This delightful orange tub was the subject of my inspiration:

peg beginning
Pretty isn’t it? First step to de-tangoing this was to give it soak in a sink full of washing up liquid until all the labels could be peeled off:

peg cleaned
As fetching as the orange was we had better things in mind, and I wanted to incorporate some black to match the rest of our utility room (reveal here). A few coats of black spray paint later, and a dry in the sun (sorry for the blurriness of the photo!):

All that was needed after this was a quick trip to hobby craft to purchase some letters. Originally we wanted some small wooden ones that we could paint green for a really coordinated look but unfortunately they were all a little bit too big. So we decided on some fun fabric ones instead. The letters we purchased already had a sticky dot on the back so it was really simple to adhere them to the tub:

peg storage
The sheet of stickers was £2 and we already had the tub and spray paint s0 this was super cheap to make! How’s that for a simple, fast, upcycle?

peg storage close-up

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