Viewing a Property Checklist: Her Perspective

Earlier this week we shared Simon’s property checklist of things he looks for when viewing a property, and today it’s time for me to share mine. Both lists are different, although there are some things we both look for, but I love how we balance each other out!

  • Kerb Appeal – I know the appearance of a house can be changed, but I need to find something about it attractive to even consider viewing it.
  • Neighbourhood – What does the rest of the street look like? Do the other homes seem cared for and looked after?
  • Light – once inside the property what is the light like, is it sunny – could we live there without the lights on all the time!
  • Features – this is a new one for me, but something that’s been so important during our current search. I love a room with something a bit different and exciting about it!
  • Storage – even though there’s only the 2 of us it’s amazing how much stuff was acquire! Moving house is a good chance to purge, but having the space to begin with is important.
  • Potential – what can we do to the property to make it feel like ours? Can we add space if we wanted?
  • The feel – this is the main one for me and is so important. How does the house make me feel, can I imagine us living there and for how long?

So, these are our checklists – hopefully you found them helpful! What do you look for when house hunting? Drop us a comment below!

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