Viewing a Property Checklist: His Perspective

Viewing a Property - His
Whilst viewing our 8th property this morning we noticed that we both look for very different things when we first view a property. There’s lots of great property checklist lists already out there: Rightmove, BBC, and Primelocation, to name a few. But we wanted to share our own, from a male and female more personal perspective. Today we’re sharing Simon’s list, and in a few days I’ll share mine. Hopefully it’ll help somebody out there who isn’t sure what they should and shouldn’t be looking at!

  • Parking – ample parking is always important, I don’t want to walk half way down the road to my front door!
  • Guttering – What condition is it in? Does it need replacing – this can be costly!
  • Roof – As above, needing to retile a roof can be really expensive. Also are there any different coloured tiles, if some have been replaced, why?
  • Walls (internal and external) – I always look for cracks to check the house is stable, and if the house is older I like to check that the outside of the house has been pointed – again another costly job!
  • Boiler – We’ve had boilers in the past that have not worked well, and you don’t want to be cold in your own home. Replacing a boiler again is expensive, and a cost I’d like to factor in when deciding on a potential offer price.
  • Electrics – rewiring a house can be expensive, and it also gives an insight into the age of the house – there are building regulations in place now which means sockets and switches could need moving if changes were made.
  • Damp – seems obvious, but again this is a big one – damp can ruin a house, and the smell is very difficult to shift!
  • Overlooked – I like privacy, and knowing that I can get dressed in the morning or walk around the house without being spied on!
  • Standard of Kitchen units and appliances – how long are they likely to stand up for, do we need to factor this replacement cost in when considering an offer price?
  • Windows – UPVC, how thick is the double glazing? All important for good ventilation and sound reducing. Looking out of windows also allows you to see the exterior of the property and identify where any potential damp could be coming from.

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